About Moe

So, for like...30 seconds, I thought about using my online dating profile to fill this section out. Then, I remembered I deleted it...so I forever lost the most kick ass introduction I have ever wrote in the history of introductions.

I spent my most pivotal years in Inglewood, CA & Compton, CA. Yes, the girl is from the hood..but don't believe the hype. My street growing up in both cities was 80% 'Silver Sneakers' members, and I highly doubt Mrs. Roberts or Mrs. White would conspire to commit a 187 & smoke your bitch ass. The short period of my life when I did live with my dysfunctional mother..I lived in Germany and it was UH-MAY-ZING, and a few stints in the Pacific Northwest- Which I consider to be home, even though I'm back in So. Cal.

I am the mother of an alien being you will see mentioned on this here blog. She goes by the name N.I.A. or Nia....or Nia G( her middle initial).  She likes bugs, nail polish, glitter, Call of The Wild Man & Toddlers in Tiaras. See! Alien.

Hellomoe.com is my little online crib, so kick your shoes off...grab a beer. This shit gets boring and you may only find my writings amusing whilst getting frat boy wasted. I guess I would consider myself to be a lifestyle blogger since I don't really have a 'NICHE'....which is kind of ironic, seeing as how I don't have much of a life, but what-evs.