Friday, June 29, 2012 I hate thee!

Every time I step foot into my Chemistry class, I feel as though I chose the wrong field. The fact that I have to take 3 more Chemistry classes just to transfer to a 4-year to obtain my BS- Nursing, just makes me want to bash my head into a wall. I already know all the symbols for the elements...but most of the nurses I know ( and I know a lot) say they can't really remember anything they learned in chemistry at the college level, that they didn't already learn in high school.

Everyone keeps saying Chemistry will help me with converting metric measurements but guess what...part of my requirements at the Community College level is to take a DOSAGE CALCULATIONS class. Not to mention, I know the metrics system....I lived in Germany for 2 years as a kid and I didn't forget! With all the Chemistry classes I have to take, I should have just said fuck it and did pre-med requirements, but I don't want to spend a lifetime in school.

My solution: Completing a  fast track AA in Liberal arts online with a well known, great university ( whose credits are transferrable) which will take me 9 months ( instead of 24) then I'll only have to do 2 semesters to complete my Associates in Nursing...THEN I'll only have to take 1 more chemistry class ( and no more math classes) vs taking three chem and three math. Will it work??? We shall see.

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