Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why I Hate Dating Websites

Ok. so I'm in school full time, I hate going to clubs and most of my time is spent at home doing homework, but it sucks not having anyone to call when I do have free time. There is my Canada boy, but he's 1500 miles away, and I haven't seen him in 6 months. We talk regularly, but I consider him more of a pen pal than someone to actually try to be in a relationship with.

Back to my point.

I created a dating profile, and it SUCKS! I mean, it's better than the old men that have been approaching me normally...with missing teeth, walkers and whatnot. Or the guy with cornrows with beads on the ends, and the gold teeth....Or the one Mexican Gang member with tattooed eyebrows that really ' Dug my body'..(please note: the fact that he was mexican had nothing to do with it...the fact that he was a gang member with tattooed eyebrows was the issue.) So here are my options:

1. The Jarhead who kinda looks like a juice head but I'm not going to assume he's on roids. Lives two hours away, really good looking....but he 5 years younger than me and I don't know how I feel about that.

2. The computer engineer that's 4'11"- Nuff said.

3.They guy who is CLEARLY lying about his age, and his mom jeans told me so.

4. The guy who has horrible spelling and decided to skip the guided communication and get straight to emailing me ( because you don't have any use for those questions in the guided communication...so why not just email directly.)

5. The Stalker who likes every one of your photos then ALSO  sends a large 3 paragraph email ( yes, he skipped the guided communication also.)...coming on too strong!

Everyone else I have been 'matched' with aren't all that interesting. *le sigh* This is why I enjoy being single....looking for a mate is too much work.


  1. And just when I was about to join a dating site..


    1. Ya know... Honestly.....I've had some good luck on Plentyoffish.com. I met my ex who I was with for 4.5 years on there. I think the main problem with dating is where I live. Unless you go to clubs or music/movie industry parties... You aren't going to really meet anyone. And although LA is very diverse, people aren't as open minded when it comes to dating different ethnicities... So then that add another level of difficulty to dating.

    2. Dating in Washington state is so much easier than Los Angeles.

  2. I browsed match.com using a friends profile once (couldn't bring myself to start my own) and it looked like it was nothing but corny, serial killers.

    I'm good on that, LOL.

    1. I deleted my profile...nothing but bums. LOL