Monday, August 20, 2012

Drama- I Rebuke You

Anyone that truly knows me, knows I have absolutely no tolerance for constant whinging/complaining/negativity...bad character and disrespect. I have no time or energy for it in my life, and as soon as I hear it coming into the conversation, I find a way out of the conversation.

One thing I hate, is when you have chosen to not talk about something because it just turns into a big argument, and someone continues to try to FORCE you to talk about it. ESPECIALLY, when they are apart of the problem which caused the drama.

I have no compassion for self inflicted drama, nor do I have respect for anyone who plays the victim and never admits to any wrong doing. I do believe some people are more diabolical than others, but at the end of the day- when it comes to drama, whether it's diabolical or's not healthy and I will not pollute my psyche with garbage that doesn't enrich my life.

And with that...I bid you adieu...and have a wonderful week! LOL


  1. I am definitely with you on that one. It's funny because some people are just NOT happy unless they are immersed in some sort of drama. It's irritating and I try my best to steer clear.

    1. What's sad is, they don't notice who the common denominator is! And when you try to make them realize what their doing wrong that causes the problem... You can't win! The victim mentality takes over, and you are at fault. Smh

  2. Well, these people will unfortunately always be in your life. More people are like this than we think. I try to just continue to work on myself because leading by example is the BEST example to make!

    1. I can agree, that these people will always be apart of your life. However, I have become very good at excommunicating people,LOL.

      Many of those people I know that thrive on drama, know what I will and will not tolerate at this point. I may have hurt a few feelings getting my point across, but they have come around and understand where I'm coming from. Have they changed? No. Do they know my boundaries, and don't overstep them? Yes.

      Anytime negativity enters the air I do my best to switch it into positive energy and it does one of two things- Shut people up or repels them. LOL