Thursday, October 13, 2011

Extreme Couponing & Poor Food Choices

While I love this show, and have learned so much about couponing and making coupons work for me...I have come to the realization that people like this are causing our children to be overweight. I have never seen these crazy bitches put anything healthy in a cart outside of a few bags of frozen veggies!

I use plenty of coupons that I clip or receive in the mail for daily household ( non-edible) items, and they are FANTASTIC for that...but many of the food coupons I get are for  (unhealthy) foods I don't eat. I refuse to let my child live off frozen pizzas, ramen noodles, high sodium & sugary sports drinks, and foods high in preservatives, sodium, fat & calories.

Yes, it's great to save a lot of money and get hundreds of dollars worth of food for almost nothing...but while it doesn't cost you much out of's costing you in other areas ( heart, blood pressure, etc.)

My Ideas- If you have a Whole Foods in the area, look out for their coupons. they usually have great coupons and you can still pair them with manufacturers coupons ( Many all natural & organic manufacturers often have coupons on their just have to sign up for the newslettters.) You might not get as much bang for your buck.....BUT AT LEAST YOU WON'T HAVE SADDLEBAGS!

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