Sunday, January 22, 2012

Red Tails, Jesus Christ and Animal Control

I had a very eventful weekend...kinda.

Red Tails:  Ok, so...since I'm black, and it's true....Hollywood doesn't support high budget black films, I was obligated to go see Red Tails. Being that it was a George Lucas film, I had very high expectations for it..I won't say I was disappointed but I feel, with the budget- the opening credits could have been a bit cleaner and some of the graphics could have been a little bit better ( and some of the acting) but it was better than some movies that are literally PUSHED into consumer's faces. I like the fact that 'Race' wasn't the primary topic of the film; although race played a role in the assignments that they Tuskegee Airmen received.. it was more about their contributions to the war efforts, than it was about the discrimination they faced, in my opinion.

But the actors that were chosen...OMG- can someone please create a Red Tails calendar!??? This may be a wee bit inappropriate, but I think every major actor except Cuba Gooding, Jr and Terrence Howard made my vagina tap dance!

Jesus Christ: I know it is a LOT BIT inappropriate to bring up J.C. when I was just talking about my Vagina...but I'm talking about things in order here, so forgive me. But, yes...I saw Jesus Christ walking down the street. Not THEE Jesus...and no, not the real- olive/brown toned Jewish Jesus...but a white Jesus- meaning a white guy in a long tunic walking down Fairfax Avenue, near Wilshire Blvd. Of child, being my child yells " Mom!! Look, the LORD! I think he came back to life" *Blank stare* Um, yeah....sad to say, but my daughter is just like me. But, of course...let's be honest. It was funny.  NEEDLESS TO SAY, he was walking down the street blessing those who approached him. Only in L.A.

Animal Control: Let's just can't bring your dog to all beaches. I won't say the beach and I won't mention all the details. What I will tell you is, if you are found by animal control walking on a 'No Dogs Allowed' beach, then your dog will be confiscated and you will be fined. What I will tell you is, our dog is hip to 'The Man' and knows to run into the residential area when she sees that white truck.  That's all I'm going to say about my Forrest Gump voice::

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