Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starting From Scratch

I can honestly say the last 3 years have been horrible. After one of my aunts ( who I was very close to) passed, it seemed like life had turned into a whirlpool that was heading straight for the fiery pits of hell. Since I decided to start my life from scratch, I've had a few hiccups...but nothing that had me pulling my hair out. 

Since the National Lampoon's Moving Expedition.....I feel a little more at ease. I may be driving a 16 year old, beat up truck with a moon roof that doesn't close all the way, and you can't go faster than 60 mph because it feels like the engine might blow....but I'm able to get from here to there, as long as it doesn't require me to drive on the freeway! Tax season is around the corner, so it's only temporary. 

I'm officially a college student again and the munchkin is getting settled. She's happy to be around family, but I will honestly say that I am pretty homesick. Moving back to LA was the right move for the time being, but I now realized why I left. If I could take the beaches and move them somewhere else.....I'd be ok. 

There was nothing FANTASTIC about the holidays this year. I stayed home and celebrated with my Aunt, since mini me was with her father...and caught up on trashy reality shows. How was yours????!!!

Until Next Post, ciao!


  1. I hope the change goes well. It's always different going back somewhere, but you might surprise yourself with how good it turns out :)

  2. Thanks! I'm feeling very optimistic! I'm pretty sure everything will work out...I've been through so much the last few years, I doubt it can get any worse.

    My daughter hates it though. LOL. Whenever she has a rough day, she asks " Mom, are you sure we are moving back to Washington? People are so rude, and this place irritates my sinuses!" But everything "irritates" her sinuses.