Friday, November 25, 2011

Road trip to HELL

As excited as I was to be moving to California, I can’t help but to think that the universe is trying to tell me this isn’t the right decision. Thanksgiving was ruined. My daughter is going to be enrolled in school a few days late and I no longer have a car.

In the beginning, I was so car checked out ok, and I was making great timing. I left Tacoma at around 7:30 am on Wednesday and made it past Grants Pass, OR by around 3pm...if everything went smoothly, I would have made it into Redding, CA by 6pm. Redding is usually the point where I stop and get a hotel room. The worst part of the drive is over, and the rest of the way is smooth sailing.

Then, the worst thing that could have happened....HAPPENED. My car began to overheat. I decided to let the engine rest . After sitting at a gas station for about an hour, I got back on the freeway and AGAIN, the engine started overheating. I then got lost in some little remote mountain town, and ended up on a shoulder off a street without lights and no gas stations in sight.

I called AAA, they gave me priority since I have my daughter with me, and the tow truck was there in 10 minutes. I decided to be towed to a motel 6, and stay the night. However, I knew that all the auto shops would be closed on thanksgiving, so I decided to just stay put and wait until friday.

Thanksgiving day, we were out of all of our snacks & sandwiches. Luckily, we were able to drive to the nearest grocery store without the car getting hot. I ran ok, so I thought wasn’t going to be a big problem one I got it to the auto shop. Ooooh, all I need is a new radiator fan or thermostat. NOPE! I had diagnostics analysis done, and once the mechanic said “new engine” I didn’t hear anything else. I’ve been stuck in MEDFORD, OR since Wednesday 5pm!!!!

I called around for a rental cal, and I can rent a car one way for ONLY $509.00!!!!  Oh, a small U-Haul would have cost more. Only problem; I don't have $509.00 readily available in 24 hours! If I didn't have 7 small to medium boxes, I would just say screw it...leave my car & hop on the train ( Oh, but the nearest train station is 2.5 hours away too!) 

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