Friday, May 25, 2012

Emeals: My grocery & diet lifesaver

Unlike most people, I haven't been documenting my weight loss journey ( or lack thereof) or what I have been doing to save money on groceries (as you know, eating healthy can be pricey).

I started couponing which has taken some of the weight off the grocery bill, but I've always eaten a low-processed food, low sodium diet, and many of the things I have coupons for aren't that! So, I decided what I would start doing is, use coupons for staple items like eggs, cheese, juice, etc, as well as household cleaning items and beauty items. That has worked in my favor.

Now, on to the hard part (minus my continuous visits to Five Guys, Wingstop & the taco shack around the corner..BAD MOE!): MEAL PLANNING!

I've always been educated on planning meals, as my family owns a home for Mentally ill & developmentally disabled adults and one of the requirements is to plan meals for the month and have it posted in a visible area. Over the years, I never was interested in doing it until I decided I needed to get ahold of my grocery budget, because 1. I had many things going to waste and 2. I was buying things on impulse which isn't good for any single mom's budget.

I found this great website called, that has be great when it comes to dinner. I'm pretty much a creature of habit when it come's to breakfast and lunch: oatmeal or peanut butter toast & fruit..pretty boring. Lunch, I usually have a salad or a big ass smoothie. Dinner however- fuhgetaboutit! I have always been clueless on what to do. My daughter could live off spaghetti, Trident Fish sticks, chocolate milk, broccoli and macaroni & cheese...But since it isn't motherly or nutritional for her to eat those things ALL THE TIME, having the meal plans done for me has been a great help.

They have many subscription options: Clean eating, Gluten Free, Low- Fat, Low Calorie, Vegetarian, Natural & Organic ( which is specific to Whole Foods, but you can go anywhere), and Portion control.  They have 3, 12, and 24 month options which are as low as $4.00 a month, and you can have your weekly mean planned emailed to you every week or go straight to the website to print it out.

The downside to having your meals planned for you, certain veggies and other things you may not like are included...but as with any meal plan, you can make necessary changes if you feel an ingredient doesn't work for you. Substituting an item is a lot easer than making an entire meal plan.

TRY IT OUT, You'll thank me later!

eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!

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