Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Week At a Glance

- Harddrive crashed- lost most of my files. Luckily, apple was nice enough to install a harddrive that didn't have Lion OS, so I had to re-install it! Did I mention I lost most of my files because I'm a fucking genius and didn't back up anything?

- I wanted to blow my brains out, after dealing with the Financial Aid Nazi lady at my school. However, I will be going to a different school in the fall, since the school I am at now is unorganized, and has some very disgruntled employees. I may or may not have told her in my very nice, calm voice that she is a condescending bitch and needs a new fucking job at the 'Get a better attitude' factory.

- I was stressed out about coming up with the money to pay for fall classes....however, since I won't be attending that school in the fall, I'm good.

- Everyone that I text, calls me and thats the most irritating shit ever. I got the cheapest plan for a reason...I will not let you have me go over my designated minutes because you want to complain about your fucking life every day, 3 times a day.

- My daughter has the worst fucking attitude sometimes. I think she'll sometimes screw her self over just to piss me off....and we are only 3 years away from puberty.


  1. And here I thought Southern University had the worst customer service ever..

    1. It really ticks me off! People really need to stop taking out the fact that they hate their job, on other people. I really can't stand when people talk to me as if I'm a child and have no clue as to what is going on.