Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Have Become A Nation Of Punk Ass Parents

"You're being bullied? Let me find out you are letting someone hit you, and you won't kick their ass...."

Was what I was always told by cousins, aunts, grandparents, and any other adult in my family that found out I was letting some kid at school 'punk' me, but I had no problem defending myself against my tyrant male cousins who I would punch in the stomach and run from as a form of revenge. 

Now, instead of kids fighting back (because everyone wants  non-violence) they have to tell administrators who don't give a damn...and the world ends up with school shootings or children committing suicide because their parents are so inept with their noses in their Blackberrys, they don't realize their child is coming home everyday with tears in their eyes and has no friends.

Kids yelling " Fuck You MOM!" and slamming their door.. and parents don't take the door of the hinges because 'kids need privacy too'. When kids get privacy- they end up being on teen mom or becoming home grown terrorists! You get privacy when you pay your own damn bills. 

You run in the street- You die. You talk to strangers- they'll kidnap you and stick you in the trunk. You drink bleach- you die. Fuck being nice and sugar coating all that is evil and/or dangerous in the world. That's not my style. To any parent that deem it harsh...Just know I have a kid who never ran into the street, never ran off at an amusement park or a department store. I'm not saying my method is the way...but it sure as hell works for me.

She asked me where babies come from. I told her they came out of their mommy's vagina. End of conversation. The stork bullshit is getting old. I know I will have to explain the logistics of it all...but the idea of a baby coming out of a vagina made her spit her chocolate milk out.. and she wanted nothing else to do with the conversation.

Now, you may be wondering why I titled this post, what it is currently named. Here is why:

Every kid doesn't need a damn certificate to prove that they didn't place first, second or third in a contest. Certificates of Participation were created by punk ass parents who don't want their kids to be sad they their kids are growing up with this sense of entitlement...everyone owes them something. "I'm 16 now, so I need a smartphone."...smartphone my ass! Get a smart JOB you smartphone wanting smart ass!

Privacy?! I didn't know what that was until I was living on my own! This is Cuba and I am Fidel- I will listen to your phone calls, read your emails and texts...and come in your room without knocking as long as you live in my house and I'm feeding and clothing you. 

This is not a democracy...I do not negotiate with kids. Eat your vegetables before you leave that table...I don't give two flying fucks about Mya's mom telling her she only has to eat two bites of broccoli. Mya will get colon cancer because she doesn't eat vegetables and will have everlasting, hot, scorching diarrhea. Do you want that? NO? EAT YOUR FUCKING VEGETABLES!

You make your kids who they are, by the boundaries you set for them. 

I probably am a little bit of a tiger mom...but my daughter is one happy, confident child. She understands what is expected of her...and even when she gives me grief, she is still an overall well mannered and well behaved child...who knows when she sees the tight lips and the death stare, it's time to shape up.


  1. GIRL!!!! I don't even know what to say about this post. Ok, Yes I do. You are SO RIGHT on every point. I could feel the emotion seething from every word I read.

    I agree that parents have laid down and began to let kids take control. I'm a parent that has bent over BACKWARD for my kids and do the best to provide for them, but on the FLIP side of that, EVERYTHING that they have they have earned. You don't "GET" just because....

    And you're right about not sugar coating things. When you constantly do that and then your child ends up out in the world ,they see that reality IS NOT that pretty little picture that their parents painted for them and they have a difficult time functioning. Honesty is ALWAYS best.

    When kids are given too much privacy, the communication then becomes affected and you lose track of what's happening in their lives. I'm with you...You have privacy when you're living in your OWN place and paying your OWN bills.

    1. I had to let it out! There was a woman in the grocery store, negotiating with a toddler and I was just like 'Who is in charge here?'

      I am the same type of parent you are. I will do whatever it takes for my daughter to have everything I didn't....but she also knows that she has to work for it and when her behavior isn't on point, something is getting taken. I rarely have to take things away from her, but that's cause she knows MOMMY DOESN'T PLAY!