Saturday, September 22, 2012

New FREE Specs

So,  ever since I tripped, fell, and my glasses fell off my face, and got stuck between my shell toe adidas and the walkway to my house... while there was ice on the ground....I've been needing new glasses. First, I went to Costal, but I couldn't really find glasses that would fit my face. I need a width of 54mm+ (I usually end up having to order men's frames because thanks to genetics, and the little bit of Irish blood flowing through my veins...I have a Chris Matthews sized head.)

Thanks to trusty old google, I found Frimoo....which offers new customers a free pair of glasses! Yes, I said free.99!!! All I paid was $6.95 for shipping, and I had my new specs 10 days later! I believe they do offer expedited shipping, but I am a cheapo, and I've had scratched up crooked glasses for about a year, so what was another 10 days?

I really love the frames, they're dripping with swag sauce (whatever that means, but it sounds hip...right?) I've never been big on Tortoise Shell, but these have wood on the temples and I thought that was really unique. Plus, they're only $39.00 so If I ever have to replace them...they're super affordable and the lenses aren't extra.

Here's a closer look.

Property of

Now, as internet savvy as I am...I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to get the coupon code. Sent them a message on Facebook, and they responded pretty promptly and made me aware of the fact that you must actually click on the glasses you want, then under the 'Additional Views' section, click new customer, sign up and then you'll get the coupon code a few minutes later in your inbox.

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